Synology DiskStation – DS1618+ Review

Even with the popularity of cloud storage, there will always be a place for keeping your data local. For creative professionals and growing businesses, these on-site storage solutions need to be able to keep up with their demands. Engineered with performance even in multi-tasking environments in mind, Synology’s answer is the highly-anticipated Synology DiskStation DS1618+ … Read more

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS718+ Review

Synology DS718+ side

When it comes to Network Attached Storage (NAS), Synology is one of the biggest names around. They offer everything from consumer-friendly hardware to enterprise level solutions. The Synology DS718+ leans toward the former. But make no mistake, the DS718+ may not be made for the server room but it’s not just for basic file storage … Read more

Synology DiskStation DS918+ Review

In the NAS (network-attached storage) industry, there are few companies as prominent as Synology. Founded in 2000 with the intended purpose of specializing in this type of technology, the company launched the DS-101 in 2004, its very first complete solution with full software and hardware integration. Since then, this entire field has developed immeasurably and … Read more