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Recommended Hardware

If you’re thinking about building your own Xpenology below is our list of recommended hardware.

Recommended Cases

I am obsessed with the Fractal Design Node 304 and the 804

If you’re looking for a low-cost case you can try something like the ThermalTake Core V21 Micro ATX Cube

Recommended Hard Drives

The Western Digital Red NAS hard drives are a personal favorite – Check Pricing on Amazon

The SeaGate IronWolf is highly rated as well

Recommended CPU

I personally used the Intel I5-4440 but this may be overkill for most. Almost any of these Intel CPU’s will work just fine.

USB Stick

Being you’re going to be leaving this plugged into the device, these low-profile SanDisk Cruzer Fit drives are perfect!

Pre-built Server

If you want something pre-built that you can just plugin and then install xpenology, you can look into the HP MicroServer line