Get Wi-Fi Everywhere in Your Home with Synology’s MR2200ac Mesh Router

When you think of routers, Synology isn’t the first brand that comes to mind. But that might soon change as the company rolls out their consumer network solutions such as the RT1900ac and RT2600ac. Most recently, Synology has released its first mesh router, the MR2200ac. As connected devices continue to enter our homes, a reliable … Read more

Installing Xpenology on Your Own Hardware

Hardware for Xpenology

This question certainly comes up often, many of posts on various forums asking: “What hardware can I install Xpenology on?” or “What hardware is Xpenology compatible with?” Hopefully, this post will answer all of those questions for you! Things to think about when building a NAS with Xpenology First, you will want to think about … Read more