XPEnology for DSM 4?


I was wondering if there is any possibility of getting a DSM 4 version of XPEnology.
As I’m currently (re)writing a Syno Downloader plugin, it would be great to be able to work offline just on my laptop with a VM.


First-timer Asked on August 29, 2015 in General.

Just to clarify, what I’m looking for is version 4.0 or earlier. Basically, just a DSM that uses the old Synology API.

on August 31, 2015.
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Not sure where you can get this but sounds interesting. Have you found it anywhere yet?

Newbie Answered on March 3, 2016.
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@xds40, No, not yet. I also haven’t been looking around for this any more. With DSM6 around the corner, I think it’s quite safe to not require backwards compatibility for DSM4. Maintaining such an old API is very capricious.

First-timer Answered on March 5, 2016.
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