How stable is

Hi yo all

I have few questions and if you some one could pop me an answer would be fantastic..

fist some back story…

I got taste of synology software few years ago and I liked it.

Now I have 2 of  HP microservers 1 x N40l running MHS 2011 (skow as shit)

and i bought N54l Microserver with 8GB ram and I have 2x3TB and 2xTB disks
like to put those 4 disks in 1x  set of raid 1 and 2 simple volume disks.. total amount of storage 8TB (just about)
Whant to set my photograps on raid 1 disks.

I am going to use this as media server also, having Sickbeard and  alowing my family member to access the “media” folder with there XBMC on there Appletv2,

and from my desktop pc drop some torrent files to folder and have the N54L dl it for me…

and now for some questions….

1. Is this setup ( Xpenology) on N54L stable enough to trust it for my images ??

2. what is the benefit if any is installing  Synology DSM 5.0 (4493) (ESXi  or  Non ESXI)

3 are there any problems with getting “apps” for this ?

4 is something like Freenas (similar) better for this kind of usage or even Winserver ??

…well, .. will not post more questions att this time…

hope you find time to answer…

Newbie Asked on May 4, 2015 in General.
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