Hardware Compatibility Check: Designing my First XPEnology Build

I’m coming from 5 years using Synology devices, currently running a DS1813+/DX513 with 13x4tb (10-2+1) and completely loving it. However I am hitting my roof on storage and don’t really want to drop 2500 on a DS3615 unit to make the next jump in capacity when I already have a ton of old desktop hardware lying around from the last upgrade I did to my gaming rig. Enter XPEnology! This is fantastic and I’ll be hoping to pair it up with my main Syno device as a secondary unit, cram all my old drives in and get some cheap ones on the used market, planning to upgrade them later on once I have squirreled away more cash into the “ongoing tech upgrade” fund.

So since this is my first time, I am not familiar with building hardware into a server chassis (I’m going to mount this thin in my short depth rack 19×19, designed for AV). I’ve spec’d out a handful of parts that I’d like to get checked by this fine community for comparability to make sure that what I buy will work, and if not, pick different parts.

Here goes!

Thoughts? Has anyone used any of these parts? Do you think it will work, or even fit?
Ideally I’d like to cram as many drives into the space as possible, Hot-Swap externally accessible would be great. I’m really not married to a chassis yet, I just want the most 3.5″ bays for the money, and the smaller the better. I’d pay a bit more to have a smaller chassis with the same number of bays, but the key is that the it fits into the short depth that I’ve got to work with.

First-timer Asked on May 11, 2016 in Hardware.
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